My Love For Vintage Italian Fiats

by Stefania Bufano


I am not a car enthusiast but there are several eye catching cars in and around Italy so I couldn’t help but notice a few. The car that catches my fancy the most is the vintage Fiat 500! I am obsessed with these little beauties. 

Check a small collection of shots of the vintage Fiat 500s that I saw during my travel to Italy. There were several that whizzed past me and I couldn’t get a picture. These are the ones that were quiet and patient and let me click them 😉 Which one is your favorite?

Beep Beep!

In a quiet alley in Trieste Centre

Hello there cuteness in Fiesole

Perfect blue in Rome

Standing neat in San Gimignano

On the way to Gubbio

Black Beauty in Trieste

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