Week 5: High Frequency Words

by Stefania Bufano

Prayers and Piazzas

This series focuses on Fluent Forever’s alphabetical list of the 625 most commonly used words in any language, presented 10 words at a time with their Italian translation.

“Not all words are created equal: we use certain words far more often than others…We get a lot of mileage out of our most frequent words…With only a thousand words [of your target language] you’ll recognize nearly 75 percent of what you read. With two thousand, you’ll hit 80 percent.”

–Gabriel Wyner, Fluent Forever


Word bank: 

big/large grande
bill (noun) il conto / una bolletta /una banconota
billion un miliardo
bird un uccello
black nero
blind (adj.) cieco
blood il sangue
blue blu
boat la barca
body il corpo 

Practice these high-frequency words on Quizlet.

Level: Give it a Try

  • Un miliardo is a very grande number. 
  • There are different types of bills. In a restaurant, one says, “il conto

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