On the Run in Venice

by Stefania Bufano

Under Western Skies

I have never written more than a few words about Venice, Italy in this blog, despite the fact that I’ve visited there more times than almost any other city on the planet. I have been to a number of cities in the U.S. more often, but only because work took me there repeatedly. Venice stands as one of my favorite places, period.

I’m not alone. Websites, blogs and travel magazines include stories about Venice in endless profusion. It’s so well-reported, in fact, that I’ve hesitated to try to say something or show you something you don’t already know.

Venice is an immensely popular destination. In 2014, Venice — which has fewer than 60,000 permanent residents — had approximately 20 million visitors.

As a result, Venice is a crowded place in the prime season. How much? Look at this July scene in Piazza San Marco:

IMG_6364 Brad Nixon

That’s as far as we ventured into the jam-packed St…

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