You know it’s autumn in Venice when …

by Stefania Bufano

La Venessiana

The afternoon of October 1st in Venice felt like a warm day in April, yet there’s a striking difference. Mornings are colder and very bright in autumn while on foggy days, colors become blurred and look rather pastel.


In this post we are sharing our nine favorite impressions of autumn in Venice and a few Slow Travel tips. Actually, it’s not easy for me to write this on a day which looked like summer 🙂 yet we’re in for a change in the season. You can see it and you can smell it. The air feels sharper and sometimes a breeze of cold wind hits all of a sudden.

Then one sunny morning in October, you notice how the temperature has dropped sharply, making you long for spicy morning coffee or our staple crostata alle mandorle e cardamomo – cardamom-almond grape cake.

A few days ago, GoEuro published their article Twenty Insider Tips for Things to Do in…

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