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Reasons I love Italy and why I learn Italian

Prayers & Piazzas

Falling in love with the Italian language has been one of the more beautiful surprises of my life.

Growing up in an Italian-American family, with a grandfather who, as a teenager, emigrated from Puglia in southern Italy to America, Italy was no big deal to me. I never intended to learn Italian, and I especially never expected to love every moment of it…read more on Studentessa Matta (honored to be featured there!)


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Let’s Email in Italian – Part 2: Italian Salutations

Conversational Italian!

Here is some information about how to write an email that will help with our latest discussion in the Conversational Italian! Facebook group.

We are talking this week about how to conclude an email or letter. Read below and join the conversation on our Facebook group. I’d love to hear from you!

For more complete details, visit our sister blog,, from which this excerpt was taken. All material is courtesy of Stella Lucente, LLC, and

Italian Salutations for Emails, Texts, and Letters

After we’ve written our email, text, or formal letter, how should we sign off? As you can imagine, this is very different depending on how close the two correspondents are. For two friends, the typical spoken salutations, “ciao” and “ci vediamo,” are commonly used for emails and texts, as are the many idiomatic expressions, such as “a presto” or “a dopo.”

For those who are…

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