Menu fisso – Set menu

by Stefania Bufano

My Hilltop Town Italy

Good eating is extremely important in Le Marche, as in all of Italy, and you often hear the phrase  “In Italia, si mangia bene, si spende poco” – “In Italy one eats well but spends little”. The Slow Food movement began in Italy, with the belief that locally grown organic food is so much better than any alternative. And these sweet hills grow an amazing amount of food for local consumption. 4) Montalto delle Marche

Even in rural southern Le Marche, there is too much choice really. We eat out a lot. There are several levels of ‘ristoranti’ ( and they DO restore you) all providing excellent food and wine, and for an easy and economical choice we often head with a group of friends to a family-run spacious workers’ restaurant that offers ‘menu fisso’ or ‘set menu’.

‘Menu fisso’ means there is no written menu, and usually only little choice, but you can…

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