Monaca, Moglie, Serva, Cortigiana

by Stefania Bufano

Sweet Travel

Nun, Wife, Servant, Courtisan.

In light of the recent International Women’s day on the 8th of March I thought I would write about women in Italy.

A little fact sharing:

-post WWII Italian women finally got the right to vote, (over 50 years after NZ), and two years later in 1948 Italian women were granted equality.

This picture is actually Spanish women voting in the 1020s, 20 years before Italian women.

spanish women voting

-women’s representation in parliament is currently 1/3 of all seats, (not unusual anywhere);

-they have one of the lowest employment rates in the EU;

-few senior management roles in Italy are held by women;

-there are unequal standards and expectations of employees, (e.g. women sometimes get fired for being pregnant),

-and sexual and domestic abuse are still quite prevalent.

Until 1981 the criminal code still provided for honor killings.

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