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This is a new experiment: to write and share with you in English about Italian culture, that is potentially very large for topics to debate. This blog (about one post a week) is going to talk about: music, classical music, opera, songs, people, fine arts, artists, writers, stories, history, cities and villages, beautiful places and locations, sea, country, mountains, cooking, legends, architecture, monuments, traditions, cinema, actors and actresses, theater. Italians, of course. Occasionally, Make Italy Yours might share things that do not concern Italy, but other countries and people who are not from Italy, in the category Special Guest. If you are learning the Italian language, if possible, the blog might share both versions in English and Italian. Photographs will be originals, for the most part from the photographic archive by Stefania Bufano, but also from the Editorial Team and other single Contributors, unless otherwise indicated.


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How to contribute to Make Italy Yours
If you are Italian and you would like to contribute with articles or stories about Italian culture, please, write an e-mail or send your contribution to Make Italy Yours. We could value your work and publish it in our blog. Contributions must be in English language, so you need to write good English or have your staff reviser in English (please, ask him/her if they like to have their name and surname in your post and we would insert it in the end). You can also send with your text, photos which concern your topic, accompanied inside the photo with your name and surname.
If you aren’t Italian, but you are English mother tongue or write good English, you love Italy, and you would like to contribute on Make Italy Yours, you could write something for example about your holiday or your experience and your impressions about beautiful things that you have visited in Italy: monuments, nature, cities, places or other things that you loved and you would like to share. Please, focus on The blog paragraphe to get ideas for topics to debate or have a look in our category Travel in Italy.
Translators, Revisers, English proofreaders
Volunteers for translations of short texts (Italian to English and/or English to Italian) are welcome. That could help who is learning Italian language and will love to read our contents both in English and Italian at the same time. We’ve got a lot of Italian poems, stories, articles, ready in Italian which are waiting for their English version and to be shared on Make Italy Yours! Volunteers for English revision of articles are welcome, too. The more we are, the more we can read about Italian culture and Italian language.