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Musei Vaticani


by Arielle Tan

I have always wanted to visit the beautiful city of the Vatican. How could someone possibly not be interested in one of the pillars of our civilization? As you may know now, I am a huge art and history lover – the Vatican was and still is a must-go in my travel bucket list. I have to admit that Dan Brown’s novel Angels & Demons fuelled even more my desire to visit this place. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to fulfill my vacation-dream and visit this breath-taking city.

The first thing you will see once you enter the city is the gigantic St. Peters Square and the Basilica. The beautiful architecture, the obelisk, the fountains and of course the angels on the two arches are simply magnificent. I could have spent my whole day looking at every single detail of the famous square but I had to go to the Musei Vaticani – the museum of the Vatican City. I suggest you to buy your tickets in advance or you will have to wait hours before being let in. And the waiting line is monstrously huge.

Galleria carte geograficheThe first section I visited was the amazing Gallery of Maps, my favourite section of the entire museum. Upon entering, you will see on both walls gigantic topographical maps of the whole of Italy. 01_carte_geograficheEach fresco maps the entirety of the Italian peninsula and depicts a perspective view of a particular region. But the most breath-taking part of this gallery is its ceiling. Gaze up to the 120 meters long ceiling filled (by filled I mean without any bare space) of gorgeous paintings. Some call it the Golden Corridor or the Golden Gallery – I could not agree more.

After going through Raphael’s Rooms, the tapestries section and in the Borgia Apartment to admire the incredible frescoes, I finally got to step in the most known and loved chapel in the world: the Sistine Chapel. I don’t think I can even describe my amazement when I saw Michelangelo’s most famous paintings, The Last Judgment and The Creation of Adam (and of course the entirety of the chapel’s ceiling).Giudizio universale. Angeli che annunciano la fine dei tempi Angeli con gli strumenti della Passione, lunetta destraSince we are not allowed to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel, I found some photos online to show you the expertise of this master painter.

This little article does not even give justice whatsoever to the Musei Vaticani. I highly suggest you to go visit one of the richest places we have in the whole world. I feel one visit is not enough to give the due attention and respect to every treasure found in the museum. I could spend hours just watching the ceiling of the Gallery of Maps or even looking at every single detail in the Sistine Chapel… But that will be for another and soon-to-be trip.




Vatican Museums








Luigi Impieri, an eclectic artist

Luigi Impieri

by Stefania Bufano

Luigi Impieri is a very active, eclectic and passionate artist, with many interests.

He was born in Belvedere Marittimo (Cosenza, South Italy), in 1960. After receiving a Diploma of Art he moved, having a Diploma of Scenography (from “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Rome) and a Degree in Discipline of Arts, Music Entertainment (from the University of Bologna). He is actually in Forlì, a town in Emilia-Romagna, where he works as an artist and teacher and lives there still since many years ago.


Luigi Impieri, Inverno, 1997

Luigi Impieri, Inverno, 1997


It’s not easy to tell you about him, painter of the “oneiric-figurative”, because he did a lot of things.

Luigi Impieri, Vengono, 2009


Luigi Impieri, Vanno, 2009

Luigi Impieri, Vanno, 2009










We can give you a cursory glance and certainly refer you to his remarkable work, which addresses not only the painting and drawing, but also the interior design and teaching art to children and youngsters, with whom he spends time actively in projects truly beautiful and admirable, creating collective works with them and that they “live” in the city and not only closed in private homes or museums.


Luigi Impieri, Rosso d'Oriente, 2009

Luigi Impieri, Rosso d’Oriente, 2009


Look, for example, at these wonderful works with children and youngsters, since the start up until the opening: Si-Cura-Mente and Attaversa_menti 2 l’Aria.


Luigi Impieri, Quel fantastico mercoledì, l'onda, 2010

Luigi Impieri, Quel fantastico mercoledì, l’onda, 2010


When I think of Luigi Impieri’s works, I think of bright colors, sea, sky, open space, air, energy, generosity, and many good and beautiful things that somehow also remind me of the discipline of yoga, which of course, this eclectic and energetic artist who we are talking about practices at an advanced level!


Luigi Impieri, L'albero di Malevich, 2012

Luigi Impieri, L’albero di Malevich, 2012



Finally, if you read in Italian you could read him about his work here: Quel che penso della mia pittura.




Luigi Impieri



Meeting Pietro Bernini on a walk

by Stefania Bufano

In Italy, when you go out for just a walk (and if you are not in a hurry without looking around yourself and deep in your thoughts), and maybe you have your camera with you, or your mobile phone to make a photo just in case, you can very often discover things. So, after a long way, and having crossed a garden with a lot of people, who were laying in the sun, who were talking with friends, who were reading on a bench, watching children play football, running free and going happy on the swing, and then overtaking a school of music right out of the garden, hearing with pleasure from an open window a nice sound of a saxophone, and soon after, another one, maybe of a student this time…


house where was born Pietro Bernini Sesto Fiorentino

I looked at a wall, in an old and not so beautiful road as you could imagine: it’s a place not really important for tourists. Just an old narrow street, with old houses where one day there was countryside, where I don’t think people too rich lived there, maybe people who were doing handicrafts, meanwhile others cultivated lands, which in part you can still see if you walk there, and also you can see in the distance through those fields big roads that connect towns near Florence.

house where was born Pietro Bernini Sesto Fiorentino

Just in that direction you can see airplanes fly, depart and land, from the near airport of Florence.

Around the house where was born Pietro Bernini Sesto Fiorentino

But back to what I have seen. Here was born in a little house, Pietro Bernini, a very important Italian sculptor, exactly on the 6th of May in 1562. He studied in Florence and lived and worked in Naples (where his son Gian Lorenzo was also born, also a sculptor, painter and architect) and Rome. He made monumental sculptures, with other’s sculptors, like Fontana del Nettuno and Fontana del Gigante (in Naples), and the very famous fountain Fontana della Barcaccia (in Spanish Square in Rome).

But the walk was yesterday. Unfortunately, I often do very strange things: like going out, sometimes without a camera or mobile phone, feeling free from all, without anything apart from my house keys. So when I saw the writing “6 Maggio” I thought: I must come tomorrow to make a photo of it, on the 6th of May, today!

house where was born Pietro Bernini Sesto Fiorentino

So, happy birthday, Pietro Bernini!




Around the house where was born Pietro Bernini in Sesto Fiorentino

Around the house where was born Pietro Bernini






Pietro Bernini

Sesto Fiorentino




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