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Why should you read Dante this summer?

Joseph Luzzi

Click here to find out…Sandro_Botticelli_-_Portrait_of_Dante_-_WGA02802.jpg

Botticelli’s Portrait of Dante (Source: WikiCommons)

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T. S. Eliot on Dante

Tim Miller

Is there atctcnything better than T. S. Eliot talking about his debt to Dante? Here is the majority of his famous essay “What Dante Means to Me” (hence my own “What Eliot Means to Me”), which can be found in his collection of essays, To Criticize the Critic and Other Writings. The essay was originally presented as a speech given at the Italian Institute of London, on July 4, 1950, when Eliot was sixty-one:

May I explain first why I have chosen, not to deliver a lecture about Dante, but to talk informally about his influence upon myself? What might appear egotism, in doing this, I present as modesty; and the modesty which it pretends to be is merely prudence. I am in no way a Dante scholar; and my general knowledge of Italian is such, that on this occasion, out of respect to the…

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Dante’s Anniversary

Joseph Luzzi

On the anniversary of his journey in THE DIVINE COMEDY, it’s a pleasure to share my piece on “reading Dante today” in THE AMERICAN SCHOLAR! [read here]


Photo Credit: Illustration from Sandro Botticelli’s portrait of Dante by Stephanie Bastek (Wikimedia Commons)

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Primo Levi: If This Is a Man-Shemà


Voice: Dino Becagli, Music: John Williams


Poetry in Holocaust Education Part 2/4: “Shema” by Primo Levi

If This Is a Man (Italian-English)


Wikipedia (Italian): Map of the route taken by Primo Levi from Auschwitz to Turin




Giuseppe Ungaretti: Mother


When the heart has not a beat

When the dark wall drops,

Mother brings me to the Lord,

Hands in hands as in my young years.







Diamonds: Friulian Dolomites

Italy Photo

Dolomiti Pesarine, Alpi Carniche, by Stefania Bufano Friulian Dolomites

Dolomiti Pesarine, Alpi Carniche, by Stefania Bufano

Pesarina Valley, Carnia, Stefania Bufano Photo

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Giacomo Leopardi, “CANTO XXVIII a se stesso / CANTO XXIII for my own myself”.

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