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Dreams: Villa Manfrin Park – Treviso

Super Moon 2016 Italy

A Writer’s Dream and the Writing Process


Amalfi Coast Photo by Margie MIklasWriters each each have their own preferences for writing.  Some write early in the morning, some write at night, and most of the good ones write every day.

Margie writing Photo by Margie MiklasI have to have silence when I write and I like to be alone so I have no distractions. I find that I like to write near the ocean, where the sounds of the waves drown out any other sounds. For me the water is  relaxing and soothing. I thought it would also be inspiring if I could spend a couple of weeks alone at the sea on the Amalfi Coast to finish writing my first novel, a work I had begun two years ago.

I am fortunate in that my dream became a reality and I have been able to spend two weeks last month in Positano on the beautiful Amalfi  Coast finishing up Critical Cover-Up, my first novel.

Writing in Positano Photo by Margie MiklasThis has been…

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Postcards from the Paradise: Friulian Dolomites

Tuscany, Maremma, Montemassi

From a Tuscan Balcony

Under Western Skies

Recently I posted an article about the historic and picturesque Tuscan town, San Gimignano.

In the article, I described the memorable balcony room we had in the 12th Century Hotel la Cisterna. Sorting through photographs, I missed one The Counselor shot from within the room, looking out over San Gimignano to the surrounding countryside. As much as any photograph from years of seeing the world, I’d choose this one as a representative of the allure, pleasure and — yes — romance of travel. As we know, the days aren’t always so halcyon, the rooms aren’t invariably inviting, sunny and blessed with a balcony view. Sometimes, fortune smiles.


May all your travels be so providential.

© Brad Nixon 2016. Photograph © Marcy Vincent 2016, used by kind permission.

If you missed the full article and its photos of San Gimignano (with this photo now in place), including the interesting coincidence concerning that balcony room, CLICK HERE

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On the Road – Maremma

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