Treasure hunting on Via Maggio.

Mulberry Ink

Walking down Via Maggio in Oltrarno, your eyes will be feasted on the gorgeous window displays of Florentine art galleries and antique shops. It is a notorious street for treasure hunting, but of course not without a hefty price tag. Most places look way too expensive for me to even consider entering, so most times I just sneakily walk by and peek through the windows to catch a quick glimpse.

There are a couple exceptions of course, and one of them is “& Company.”

You won’t miss the vibrant window display with beautiful handwritten calligraphy covering the glass, inviting you to come in. Upon entering, I felt like I had been transported into a wonderland full of ornate handmade and handwritten paper designs hanging from the ceiling. Whimsical touches were everywhere to be found and beautiful calligraphy was on everything.

The owner, Betti Soldi, is a famous Florentine calligraphy artist…

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