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Italian Mosaic Trencadís – Flooring

Adults Workshop Trencadís Mosaic Italy

Luigi Impieri Trencadís

adults-workshop-beachfront-calabria-by-luigi-impieri-interview-at-work Interview to Luigi Impieri on Workshop

adults-workshop-beachfront-calabria-by-luigi-impieri-8 We have done it!


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Trencadís Mosaic Workshop – Beachfront South Italy

Luigi Impieri, an eclectic artist

Luigi Impieri

by Stefania Bufano

Luigi Impieri is a very active, eclectic and passionate artist, with many interests.

He was born in Belvedere Marittimo (Cosenza, South Italy), in 1960. After receiving a Diploma of Art he moved, having a Diploma of Scenography (from “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Rome) and a Degree in Discipline of Arts, Music Entertainment (from the University of Bologna). He is actually in Forlì, a town in Emilia-Romagna, where he works as an artist and teacher and lives there still since many years ago.


Luigi Impieri, Inverno, 1997

Luigi Impieri, Inverno, 1997


It’s not easy to tell you about him, painter of the “oneiric-figurative”, because he did a lot of things.

Luigi Impieri, Vengono, 2009


Luigi Impieri, Vanno, 2009

Luigi Impieri, Vanno, 2009










We can give you a cursory glance and certainly refer you to his remarkable work, which addresses not only the painting and drawing, but also the interior design and teaching art to children and youngsters, with whom he spends time actively in projects truly beautiful and admirable, creating collective works with them and that they “live” in the city and not only closed in private homes or museums.


Luigi Impieri, Rosso d'Oriente, 2009

Luigi Impieri, Rosso d’Oriente, 2009


Look, for example, at these wonderful works with children and youngsters, since the start up until the opening: Si-Cura-Mente and Attaversa_menti 2 l’Aria.


Luigi Impieri, Quel fantastico mercoledì, l'onda, 2010

Luigi Impieri, Quel fantastico mercoledì, l’onda, 2010


When I think of Luigi Impieri’s works, I think of bright colors, sea, sky, open space, air, energy, generosity, and many good and beautiful things that somehow also remind me of the discipline of yoga, which of course, this eclectic and energetic artist who we are talking about practices at an advanced level!


Luigi Impieri, L'albero di Malevich, 2012

Luigi Impieri, L’albero di Malevich, 2012



Finally, if you read in Italian you could read him about his work here: Quel che penso della mia pittura.




Luigi Impieri



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