My reasons for travelling to Italy – Series – Coffee

Travelling with Lyn

Italian coffee culture is strong, just like the espresso, and cafes are always full no matter the time of day.

Australia also has a strong coffee culture serving up excellent coffee that would take a lot to beat.

So what is it that is so special about Italian coffee. Why do we all fantasize when we think or talk about enjoying a cup of coffee in Italy?  I suppose we all have our reasons and suggestions but I guess for me, it is just the fact that I am drinking coffee  IN  I T A L Y.

In Italy a cafe or coffee shop is actually called a “bar”. You will see hundreds of bars around Italy, and in Rome they are on almost every corner and sometimes up to three or four in one block

DSCF5485 (2)

Italians don’t linger, they drink their coffee at the counter and fast.  Espresso…

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