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Trenette with Soft Shell Crabs and Morel Mushrooms

from the Bartolini kitchens

Present conditions notwithstanding, spring’s arrival is certainly welcomed in these parts, for it means the return of flowers and green to our drab landscape. It also means that fresh produce and vegetables begin to make their return to our markets, starting with asparagus and a variety of mushrooms. One yearly event that may escape your notice is the arrival of soft shell crabs. A crab’s shell does not grow, so, every year the crabs shed their old shells in favor of this year’s newer, more spacious models. The new shell is relatively soft for a few weeks, setting off a rush to harvest as many crabs as possible before they toughen up for another 11 months.

Lucky for me, I’ve a great fishmonger that provides many of the fruits of spring. Located not far from my home in Chicago, The Fishguy Market & Wellfleet is my go-to place for seafood and…

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Orecchiette Cinzia


by Alfonso Alongi

Orecchiette with zucchini asparagus italian sausage (an upgrade) and wild fennel and cream

I change this recipe to give more flavour by adding italian sausage


– 3 zucchini medium size

– 250 gr of asparagus

– garlic

– chilly

– 250 gr of italian sausage

– 500 gr orecchiette

– wild fennel


Take the skin of the sausages and cut in small pieces with scissors is easier then with a knife – in a frypan with olive oil fry 2 gloves of garlic akready chopped with some chilly, add the sausages until is cooked.

In another frypan fry the zucchini sliced and cut in half moons fry until brown now half of the zucchini add to a blender and after put back with the rest.

Take the asparagus at brake point cook the hard part in boiled water for 10 min until tender. Take out and cook the soft part for few min.

Now mix all the ingredients together if you can find some wild fennel fresh give an extra flavour you only maybe 30gr., cook all together to give a taste harmony to all and to finish add some double cream if it is to thick.

Cook the orecchiette or any favourite pasta and mix with the sauce and to finish some parmesan cheese… Bon appetit!

Can easily 3-4 people can enjoy with some salad for a nice lunch or early dinner.




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