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Napule è – Naples is


pino daniele

Pino Daniele (1955-2015)




Napule è


Napule è lyrics


Pino Daniele Official





Italian X Factor, Mika and Chiara

by Stefania Bufano

Today I would like to tell you about the Italian TV series X Factor and a song. Its particularity is that it’s sung both in English (for most of the time really) and in Italian!

Mika who here sings with Chiara I think you already know. He has been a guest in this program during the 2012 edition, singing with Chiara, who was on competition with others.

In 2013, last year, Mika has been called to be part of the jury and he has had a big success with the Italian audience, for his nice and funny ways. He knows a lot of languages: English, lebanese, french and others. When he arrived in Italy he told then he has taken an Italian teacher who taught him every day. He was very funny when told that he couldn’t study very well in the morning, being very tired going to bed late every night. While he was telling about that you could imagine the teacher following him around the flat, speaking to him in Italian, in fact he said thanks her that she has been so patient.

So, he learned the Italian language in three months! And he was really funny when during the competition he was explaining in Italian to the boys and the girls what he thought about their shows and when he made language mistakes and asking then to the other judges how to speak well the wrong word. So nice, so funny!

One night, a surprise: Mika sang and then appeared Chiara, the winner of the last edition of the program. They repeated the same song that they sang when Chiara won the competition and now is a popular singer.

This song, written by Mika, it was before in English only. After he might like Italy or like the Italian language or make a present to the Italian people, he has made this song a little different, putting Italians words.

The text is on the screen on you tube, so enjoy it! I hope you will like this mixture of Italian and English language at the same time by two beautiful voices!


Stardust, bilingual version



Mika in Italy

Italian version featuring Chiara


Chiara Galiazzo and Mika (video)



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