Robert Einstein: the engineer cousin of Albert Einstein in Italy (Part 1)

Robert and Albert’s Fathers in Italy


Robert Einstein (Munich, 1884), an engineer and Albert Einstein’s cousin, as well as some other Einstein relatives, had a long connection with Italy.

Hermann Einstein, Albert’s father, a German entrepreneur and electricity industry pioneer, with Jacob Einstein, also an engineer and Robert’s father, in 1894 moved their activities to Pavia.


Hermann Einstein


Pauline Einstein


Maria (Maja) and Albert Einstein, c. 1893











The same year Albert’s mother and sister, Pauline Einstein and Maria (Maja) Einstein, moved to Milan with Hermann and then to Pavia, while Albert stayed in Munich to study and would join the family later for a period.



Via Ugo Foscolo 11. The house of the Einstein Family lived in Pavia


The Einstein’s factory in Italy, the Officine Elettrotecniche Nazionali Einstein-Garrone, closed after two years.


The Officine Elettromeccaniche Einstein-Garrone in Pavia


Hermann re-started a new activity still in Italy, but then died in Milan in 1902. He was buried in the Monumental Cemetery of Milan, at The Edicola Palanti (Civico Mausoleo Palanti) dedicated to honorable citizens of Milan.


Viale Partigiani 5, Pavia. The location of Officine Elettrotecniche Einstein-Garrone


Later, Jacob also died in Milan, in 1912, but he was buried in Austria.