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April 25, Resistance and Bella Ciao. A Musical Journey


Australians and New Zealanders will be celebrating ANZAC Day today, a national holiday which commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in wars and conflicts, with a particular focus on the landing of the ANZACs at Gallipoli, Turkey on April 25 1915. Coincidentally, April 25 is also significant in the Italian calendar as it marks the Festa Della Liberazione (Liberation Day), also known as Anniversario della Resistenza (Anniversary of the Resistance), an Italian national holiday. Italian Liberation Day commemorates the end of the Italian Civil War, the partisans who fought in the Resistance, and the end of Nazi occupation of the country during WW2. In most Italian cities, the day will include marches and parades. Most of the Partisans and Italian veterans of WW2 are now deceased: very few Italians would have first hand memories of that era.

One of the more accessible documents from the partigiani era of the 1940s…

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Liberation Day

by Stefania Bufano

In Italy every year on the 25th of April it’s Liberation Day: it’s the Anniversary of Liberation of Italy, or also called the Holiday of 25th of April. It’s an important day, started since 1945, commemorating and representing the end of the second world war, the end of the German nazist occupation in Italy, the end (after twenty years) of the fascist regime in Italy and the holiday for “Resistenza italiana” (Italian Resistance), or “Resistenza Partigiana” (Partisan Resistance), which has been very important to combat Italian fascism.

The voice that you’ll hear on the radio, on 25th of April 1945, that is giving a message to Italians, it’s that of Sandro Pertini, an important partisan, who many years after (1978) became the President of the Italian Republic: “Citizens, workers: general strike against German occupation, against fascist war, for the salvation of our lands, our homes, our workshops. Like at Genoa and Turin, place the Germans in front of the dilemma: to surrender or to perish”.

“Cittadini, lavoratori: sciopero generale contro l’occupazione tedesca, contro la guerra fascista, per la salvezza delle nostre terre, delle nostre case, delle nostre officine. Come a Genova e a Torino, ponete i tedeschi di fronte al dilemma: arrendersi o perire”.






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