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April blossoms and spring in the Lagoon of Venice

Italy – Street Photography

The Museum City: magical Venice

Adventures in Wonderland

In reference to the previous post, I’ll start by saying I was wrong about the Etrucsan dwellings in Castellina. I did a bit of research. They weren’t dwellings, they were tombs. No wonder they made me shiver. But not so bad really. Glad to realize the possibility that their homes were warmer and lighter than the dark cold stone rooms we went into.

Don did the research for our hotel in Venice. He found one that had good reviews and was only a short walk from the station. It was fairly expensive but he was really clear that that was the one he wanted. It made it all so simple. We got off the train, walked for about three minutes along the main concourse in front of the station, around the first corner into a narrow alley, or calle as they are called, and there was our hotel. We were given…

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Rome’s Captivating Castel Sant’Angelo


Last week several fellow Italy bloggers met in Rome and spent an entire weekend discovering the delights of the magnificent city. If you check the hashtag #WinterinRome on Instagram/Twitter you will be amazed at the options Rome has in Winters. My fellow bloggers really inspired me to visit Rome in winters and I hope to make it a possibility someday. I felt a little “Rome” sick while following them along so thought of writing a post to make up for it 🙂

Today we will travel to one of Rome’s most enchanting structures- Castel Sant’Angelo. The Castel is my second favorite historic building of Rome, after the Pantheon.

IMG_0369 Ponte Sant’Angelo

IMG_0366 Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo is gorgeous and ancient and will leave you spell bound. Built around 135 AD (Yes that long), the Castel served as a mausoleum for the Roman emperor Hadrian and his family. It was also used as…

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My reasons for travelling to Italy – Series – Doors

I wish… [Pompeii]

The Last Sun-L’ultimo Sole

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