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Craco ( Matera-Basilicata ) Paese di pietre e sassi- Le fiabe che vanno scomparendo -Country of rocks and stones-The fairy tales that are disappearing


tsb12762se il tempo fosse polvere per i nostri occhi non ci sarebbe  nessuna misericordia, ma il tempo costruisce la polvere sugli uomini e sulle cose per mantenerle in bilico nella memoria…poi un soffio di vento le disperde ancora e per sempre


immobile nell’abbraccio di potenti spuntoni rocciosi immobile nel tempo : Craco  ( Cracun o Graculum, dal significato in latino” piccolo campo di grano” ) nome ricevuto quando se ne hanno le prime certe notizie storiche dall’arcivescovo Amaldo di Tricarico circa nel 1060, è uno dei cosiddetti paesi fantasma, cui ho dedicato una particolare posizione nel mio blog denominandoli ” Le fiabe che vanno scomparendo ”

dsc_7177-arrivo-a-cracosono circa 6.000 in tutta la penisola perlopiù piccoli agglomerati di case o piccolissimi borghi la maggior parte siti tra le montagne o sulle colline, abbandonati dagli abitanti nel corso degli anni o dei secoli  per varie cause, frane, smottamenti, terremoti

397090gli abitanti emigrati…

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10 Charming Small Towns in Italy


Who doesn’t love quaint towns?? If you are in Italy or traveling there anytime soon, this list is a keeper. You will feel blessed to be in a country with so many varied choices of charming towns. Although this list is not exhaustive, it certainly includes many of my favorites. I will keep adding more to this list as and when I can. If you have any favorites, feel free to share 🙂


With an annual chocolate and jazz festival to its kitty, Perugia is quite a catch. It is still quite unknown to a first time Italy traveler so take a chance next time you are in Italy. Visit this medieval town before it gets run down by mass tourism and selfie sellers.

be3c2-dsc02647 Piazza IV Novembre

1cd45-dsc02626 Umbrian Views


Deep in the green heart of Italy and quite close to Perugia is another small town with an ancient castle, a…

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La Scarzuola: An Umbrian Hub of Mystery & Eccentricity


 Located in the Montegabbione area of Umbria, La Scarzuola is a Franciscan convent and a complex made by a Milanese architect- Tomaso Buzzi.

DSC02809 Citta Ideale

Buzzi bought La Scarzuola in 1957 and began restoring it to create an “Ideal City” (Città Ideale).The complex is nothing but a result of a series of hundreds of sketches that Buzzi made. The place was built and rebuilt after which it collapsed and re-done countless times.

DSC02801 The entrance

But what is the Ideal City? I wonder.

Buzzi wanted to create a city that shows the ideal path of life to each individual. For me, it was unusual, quirky, imaginative yet hard to understand. The place is strange and requires a guide to take it all in.


DSC02856 My lovely guide- Brian

I was lucky to be with Brian- an Australian who loved the place so much that he converted and settled in La Scarzuola and…

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My reasons for travelling to Italy – Series – Piazza 2

Travelling with Lyn

If I was to write about every piazza I have visited in Italy I could dedicate my blog exclusively to Piazze, so I will just mention a couple of other special ones that I have spent time in over the years.

Piazza del Campo is the principal public space of the historic centre of Siena, in Tuscany and is regarded as one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares. It is renowned worldwide for its beauty and architectural integrity. The twice-a-year horse-race Palio di Siena, is held around the edges of the piazza.

On my first visit to Siena, I was not sure what to expect but this is a place that looks great and grows on you as the more that you look the more that you can see.
It is fan shaped and not flat with a wide assortment of buildings. It felt like being in a huge outdoor living room with…

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Sile River, Treviso, Veneto region

My reasons for travelling to Italy – Series – Piazza

Travelling with Lyn

Wherever you go in Italy you will mostly always find a piazza in every town, village or city. In fact, in the cities you will usually find more than one.

piazza is an open public square, usually surrounded by buildings. They are the meeting and gathering place for locals however you will often find visitors there also.  There is always something happening in a piazza and they are a great place for people watching.

The Italian piazza is the centre of public life. You’ll often find a bar or cafe and a church or town hall on the main piazza.  Many of Italy’s piazze have decorative statues or fountains. Piazze is the plural of piazza.

Although there are many famous piazze around Italy, including Piazza San Marco in Venice,  Piazza del Campo in Siena, Piazza Navona in Rome,  you will also find that most villages regardless of their size will…

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Cornino Lake Reserve

Cornino Lake Reserve photo by Stefania Bufano


Emerald and Crystal-clear Waters for a Unique Environment

Cornino Lake Reserve

Video 1, Video 2




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